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goldenpondLiving wills/advance directives set out the kind of medical treatment you would like to receive or not receive should you ever be in a condition that prevents you from expressing those wishes at some time in the future.

They are becoming popular in Britain and around the world.  You can say in advance what you would like to happen. We believe such directives should be the norm, not the exception, as they are invaluable in easing the anxiety and guilt involved in vital decisions which must be taken by others (e.g. doctors and relatives) when you become too ill to express your own wishes.

The BMA supports living wills/advance directives and suggests that patients lodge one copy with their doctor. From raising this matter with local health professionals we know that Manx doctors would also value the clear prior instruction from patients such a document can bring when planning end of life care, be it in connection with a long term terminal illness or in the swift medical decision-making which may be necessary after an accident or natural disaster.

will_small Manx hospitals do not yet ask on admission if a patient has made such a directive but they are now considering adding a question to admission forms and making arrangements to hold copies of living wills/advance directives with patient details.

The Freethinkers contributed to an exciting project to introduce the concept of Living Wills to people in both the North and South of Ireland.

Writing a living will

As yet, though the Attorney General answered a Tynwald question in 2003 by suggesting Living Wills ought to be generally valid in Manx law, no detailed legal opinion has been given. 

Meanwhile, the Irish model may make a useful template which anyone can then take to a Manx attorney for further advice. You can obtain it at www.livingwillstrust.com.

Alternatively, if you join Dignity in Dying (15) you get a free living will. More information from Dignity in Dying, 13 Prince of Wales Terrace, London, W8 5PG or telephone 071 987 7770.

The Natural Death Centre  offers Advance Decision Forms from their bookshop: http://www.naturaldeath.org.uk/index.php?page=book-shop


Their Natural Death Handbook - now in its 5th edition - covers; inexpensive, environmentally friendly and DIY funerals, 200+ natural burial grounds, bio-degradable and mail order coffins, a Good Funeral Guide to the funeral trade, caring for the dying at home, living wills, advance funeral wishes, et

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