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The National Framework for Religious Education in England includes secular world views. An introductory statement reads ‘Many pupils come from religious backgrounds but others have no attachment to religious beliefs and practices. Therefore, to ensure that all pupils’ voices are heard and that the RE curriculum is broad and balanced, it is recommended that there should be opportunities for pupils to study secular philosophies such as humanism.’

Since November 2013, the Religious Education Advisory Committee REAC in the Isle of Man has had one representative (Muriel Garland) from Isle of Man Freethinkers with observer status.  It also now has two representatives from the IOM Interfaith Group. 

 Humanists UK  publishes teaching materials for all Key Stages and supports the  Association of Humanist Teachers. The link http://humanism.org.uk/education contains  resources for teachers.


” No matter what your age there is always more to discover about our miraculous universe and the people in it”, Growing Old Disgracefully